My 8 Week Body Transformation - Phase 2

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After the success of phase 1 of my 8 week body transformation which lasted 2 weeks, I had to reassess my goals for this phase. Phase 1 was focused on overall weight loss, which also meant muscle loss. So phase 2 was about increasing muscle mass without putting on fat.

This phase was also more difficult mentally because I could no longer rely on the fact that it would only be a 2 week sacrifice!

In this phase I broke down the 6 weeks by taking each day at a time, telling myself that all I had to do was make it to the weekend. Then at the weekend, I focused on making it to Monday! Before you know it 6 weeks went by and I had achieved something that was previously impossible for me.

Below are some of my progress pics, and strategies I implemented to achieve my results. They are not extreme, and I hope they at least inspire you to start your own transformation journey today. In less than 8 weeks you could look completely different if you just make some changes to your lifestyle.




The 2 week diet served its purpose in phase 1. I realised that it was fundamentally a paleo diet at its core so I decided to invest in the “fat burning chef”. It has paleo recipes from the best chefs in the world and made phase 2 very interesting.

Salmon and Asparagus

Super simple to prepare and extremely low carb. This dish packs the perfect combination of macros for muslce growth and fat loss.


Roasted Stuffed Aubergines

A great recipe to keep your pallet interested on this phase of the diet. It looks sophisticated and tastes great, but is very easy to make.


Broccoli and beef stir fry

Chop up your ingredients and stir fry, tasty low carb high protein meal ready in minutes.



I needed the boost to get through my workouts since my body was being starved of carbs. The MyProtein brand included BCAA and a combination of creatines.

myProtein Whey

High Quality Whey Protein

Protein powder was essential to retain muscle mass. I didn't want my body cannibalising my hard earned muscles for fuel. I essentially had one scoop in the morning, one before workout, one post workout and one before bed.

myProtein multivitamins


To ensure my training never stoped, and that I was still able to get all my micro-nutrients while on a calorie deficit, I had to take multivitamins daily.


My body needed a lot of help during this phase. I had to provide the right fuel and supplements to boost the fat burning process while bolstering my immune system and building quality muscle mass.

I highly recommend getting the myProtein supplement bundle. It includes pre-workout, whey protein, fat burners, and multivitamins


The actual workout I used for this phase was provided by a personal trainer.

That said, I have done a few of the workout plans, and they would also work great. In addition I have tried the p90x, and that is perfect for anyone who wants to workout at home.

Great free workouts available here. Recommend the MFT28 or Shortcut to Shred



A great workout to take your training intensity to the next level. Perfect for home workouts, you need minimal equipment to get started. Resistance bands and a pull-up bar are a minimum requirement.

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