Push Your Limits with Yoga – ODW talks to SunLoverFlower

Yoga can be a powerful tool to centre your thoughts, build strength and get fit. Find out how this mum jumped into yoga heart first with zero experience.

Age: 26

Profession: Teacher

Stats: 5ft4 (164cm) | 49kg (198lbs)

Body Type: Mesomorph ( Naturally muscular and well-built, high metabolism and responsive muscle cells)

Why do you train?

It is not about health and having a beautiful body only.

Practice makes me focus at the moment, it makes me feel it and my body, and allows me to be present in the here and now.

In addition I believe training is a way to love and honour your body. Once you feel it and moreover see results, you can’t stop!!

We all are addicted to something, and this is the most beautiful type of addiction.

instagram's @sunloverflower doing the yoga full splits

How do you balance your life commitments with your training?

I am lucky to have a part-time job, but being a mom takes all the rest of my time.

Consequently if I am not at work or with my kid, I am on my mat for sure.

I also chose a gym with a kid’s playroom, so I take my son with me to the gym and he is playing in the playroom while I am working out.

The thing is that if you really want something you will find a way and time for that thing, hence no excuses.

instagram's @sunloverflower beautiful poses

What are you most passionate about?

I love discovering People, places, and abilities. Furthermore, I love learning something new and challenging myself. And  finally of course tasty  food!!

What is your Favourite Quote?

Believe in success and you’re already half way there


We know who we are, but we dont know who we can be


What is your training philosophy and why?

I do yoga and  weightlifting.

At  first  I  started  with  weightlifting  and  really liked  it, but  my  body  wanted  more.  It  wanted  to  stretch and  get more balanced and  yoga  was  an  ideal  choice  for  this as it  contains strength, balance and  flexibility  all  the  things  I  love!

What workout routine has worked best for you?

I  liked the “Female fitness” app. It has good  workouts, videos, and what is most noteworthy is that it shows you which muscles you will be working. As a result, I found it was good for me as a beginner.

What is your favourite body part to train?


I  love  to  see  results  after  a  good  workout . I  love doing  legs  also, but  really hate  how  sore  they  are  the  next  day.

How do you prevent injury when you train?

I try to listen to my body, and I don’t push  myself too far or too quick.

How  did  you  start yoga?

My  example is  not  a  good  way how to  start….

I did not even get into yoga gradually from easier things to more complicated.


Having always been inspired by those amazing girls and their beautiful advanced poses so, I literally “jumped” into advanced  yoga.

As a result of seeing a lot of gorgeous videos and beautiful pics, reading the poses’s description, I tried to understand them and do the same.

instagram's @sunloverflower doing complex yoga poses

Some things I could do immediately because I had developed a strong physique from weight training, but some thing were really hard to learn.

After 5 months of doing yoga, I only just last week had my first yoga class.

This route is not for everybody, I know my strengths and weaknesses, and so I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone. I also very stubborn so I was determined to be great at Yoga.

instagram's @sunloverflower yoga headstands

Do you have a favourite sports brand?

I  like  Onzie , Logan and garments


Onzie yoga apparell



What is your nutrition philosophy and why?

I don’t keep any special diet.

I just try to eat less junk food and cut  down the alcohol (as much as it’s possible).


What is your supplementation like?

I don’t take any supplements.

Finally what advice would you give someone who is trying to start their fitness journey?

Set a goal and work for it,  don’t be afraid to fall a hundred times  as  long  as  you  stand  up  again  as  long  you  win.  Surround yourself with people who inspire and motivate you.  And the most important – enjoy your journey not only the results.

instagram's @sunloverflower beautiful bridge yoga pose

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